Monday, November 9, 2009

Veterans Day

There are times that we remember vividly. For me as Veterans Day gets closer, one of those days, November 10th, 1988, comes back to me vividly. I was the EOD Team Leader responding to a Suspect Package (suspect bomb) at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The Wall is eerie at night, it is even eerier if you are the only one there. This is a poem about that night's events.

"On a day we all remember, A day I can’t forget. A cold night in November, When a comrade paid his debt.

It was a box so pretty, with gift wrapping so dear. A gift to the long departed, to a buddy who was near

The time of day was evening, when the policeman found the box. With six months to retire, he evacuated the block.

When my Bomb Squad team arrived there, the Wall was silent as the deep. Walking down the path, my soul began to weep.

I was not alone there, friends long past still visit. But they wish to be there, among their buds who made it.

On this day that haunts me, a comrade had come back. To leave his buddy a gift, in short to pay him back.

When I finally opened the box, a six pack did I discover. A tribute to all who served, a toast for all the years.

And tucked under a tab, a business card was signed. For on the card was written, “thank you for my life.”

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Post 295 Members at Ft Hood

I have heard from a couple of our members at FT Hood and they are doing fine. We will keep the families of the murdered soldiers and those wounded in our thoughts.

National Commander expresses condolences over Ft. Hood Shootings

WASHINGTON (Nov. 5, 2009) -- American Legion National Commander Clarence E. Hill released the following statement concerning this afternoon's shootings at Ft. Hood:
"My first reaction is purely emotional. I must say that I am shocked and speechless. I simply cannot believe we have soldiers who would do this to their comrades. The American Legion extends condolences to the victims and the families of those affected by the shootings at Fort Hood. The facts are not all out and there is still much about the events that we do not yet know. We do know, however, that The American Legion will reach out to assist any soldiers, family members or other victims of this horrible tragedy in any way possible. We will release further statements as the facts become known."

John Brieden, a Texan and past national commander of The American Legion, said, "The first thought I have about this tragedy is that I'm angry. You've got folks who are preparing to deploy into a dangerous area of the world, and you've got them here at home being attacked. And it makes me angry that they would lose their lives in this way, right here in America."
Brieden said The American Legion has several programs such as its Family Support Network that are designed to reach out to families who suffer tragic losses. "All of a sudden, we have families with a father, mother, a spouse who isn't going to be coming home. So how do you deal with this?

"Yes, they need help," Brieden said. "And The American Legion will certainly be helping those families who lost loved ones in such a horrible incident. We intend to help as much as we possibly can."

Killeen American Legion Post 223, and Coppers Cover Post 582 in Texas are standing by to lend whatever assistance might be needed in the area.

Media contacts: Craig Roberts, (202) 263-2982, Cell (202) 406-088 or Joe March, (317) 630-1253; Cell (317) 748-1926. A high resolution photo of Nat. Cmdr. Hill is available at