Friday, September 12, 2008

Boycott Venezuelan Goods and Services

I don't normally get excited, but... Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has done everything but declare war on the US.

Sep 12, From Time Magazine "Who needs diplomacy and all its excruciating politeness? Not even the traditional "Yankee Go Home" was enough to convey the pique of President Hugo Chávez on Thursday, as he announced that he had given U.S. Ambassador Patrick Duddy 72 hours to leave Venezuela. "Shithead Yankees, go to hell!" Chávez thundered at a campaign rally in Carabobo state Thursday, announcing that he had also asked Venezuela's Ambassador to Washington, Bernardo Alvarez, to return home until a new government is elected in the U.S. that would "respect the peoples and governments of Latin America.""

Feb 25, President Hugo Chavez's government is taking its battle against U.S. "imperialism" into Venezuelans' vocabulary, urging state phone company workers to eschew English-language business and tech terms that have crept into the local vernacular. through a campaign launched Monday, newly nationalized CANTV hopes to wean employees and others from words like "staff" ("equipo"), "marketing" ("mercadeo") and "password" ("contrasena").

Well who needs Venezuela! Why don't we show the anit-US Chavez and his people that we don't need him. Stop buying goods and services from Venezuelan Companies. On top of the list is CITGO.

With Venezuelan Exports (2006): $68 billion and 57% to the US we can help slow thier ecomony and send a message to Chavez.

Chavez would rather deal with China and Russia than deal with the US. Why should we, the citizens of the United States continue to fund, Terrorists, Dictators, and Kings who wish harm on us? In the past, Chavez sparked concern in the United States when he announced that he would like to see more of Venezuela's oil exports go to China. Venezuela, for instance, increased 2005 oil exports to China by five times the 2004 amount, amounting to 70,000 barrels of oil per day; Chavez has stated that he wants this number to hit 300,000 barrels per day by the end of 2006. Currently, about 50 percent of Venezuela's oil exports go to the United States.

Jun 2007 ~ Venezuela has moved closer to nationalising its oil-rich Orinoco River basin, as four foreign oil companies signed deals giving Venezuela the lion's share of the profits and two US companies pulled out altogether.

Time to send a message. Time to Boycott Venezuela and thier goods and services.

Let's start with Citgo,

Citgo Petroleum Corporation or Citgo is a United States-incorporated, Venezuela-owned[2] refiner and marketer of gasoline, lubricants, petrochemicals and other petroleum products.

For a Larger List

Buy American, Keep US Dollars in the US!

Bob Ouellette
American Patriot

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