Saturday, November 29, 2008

FW: ALAEC - Electric Coop Details


I was able to get more info on the American Legion Aggregate Electrical Cooperative this Saturday. I was calling to make sure that Auxiliary members would be eligible for the Coop. The entire Legion family is eligible as long as you live in Maryland! Since this is the most exciting benefit to come along.

The 1st location to sign up will be Annapolis Post 7 on December 20th at 11am. There is a letter ready to go out to the Department. He outlined how this is going to work.

Every Friday for the 1st 14 weeks ALAEC will receive a quote and select a supplier for that weekend’s sign up. That weekend at one of our American Legion Posts, members will come to the Post with their 2009 Membership card and electric bill to sign up. SWITCHING OVER MUST BE DONE IN PERSON.

There will be 3 tables. At the 1st table you will checked for a 2009 membership card, the 2nd will calculate the savings, if it is not advantageous you will be advised not to switch, at the 3rd members will sign the contract. Rates will be good for a year.

Stand by for more details.

**If you have family or friends eligible for membership please tell them to join ASAP so that they can save as soon as possible.

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