Monday, March 2, 2009

Legionnaires you ready to lose weight?

Are any Legionnaires or Legion Family members interested in going in on a Biggest Loser type contest? At the Oyster Bowl it was apparent that we need to reduce our profile. 

I propose that everyone pay in $50. The winner will get 1/2 and the other half to 
Heroes to Hometowns or the Legacy Scholarship Fund. 

You can buy 1/4% loss by getting sponsors to donate $50. You can get as much 
sponsorship as you wish. 

This is a one-time fee you will pay to join the contest. Then decide how the 
winnings will be split up. You can reward the biggest weight loser or participants 
can get their money back when they lose a certain amount. 

Based on the response we can do weigh ins at the County meeting or district 
meeting. I will bring the scale. 

If we start soon, either March 15th at Post 268 or April 27th at Post 295. If you are 
in I need to know. 

Once we get together we can decide how we will measure progress each week by 
percentage of body weight lost, pounds lost, measurements or another method. 

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