Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Maryland Legion Convention Begins

The 75th Maryland convention opened at the Ocean City Convention Center. Henderson-Smith-Edmonds Post 86’s National Champion color Guard Posted the Colors. Past Sons of the American Legion Dept Commanders, Bob Trublood and Joe Bieden presented the Star Spangled Banner as a barbershop duo rendition.

After the introductions of Department Officers of the American Legion and the Auxiliary the next National Commander David Rehbein. Legionnaire Rehbein harkened back to when the Army Expedition Forces fresh from their victory in WWI returned with pride and in the next 12 years the American Legion grew from 0 members to 1 million members. Their pride and the pride of the Legionnaires who have followed in there footsteps is what he hopes to rekindle in all legionnaires. The Legionnaires in the room are the sparks that will rekindle the flames of pride in the American Legion.

Upon return from France the new American Legion organization focused on Americanism, National Security, Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation, Children and Youth. The American Legion’s Veterans Affairs “A System Worth Saving” inspection program has completed it’s inspection of VA Hospitals. Commander Dave said that now it is time for the VA to open the system to Category 8 veterans.

Commander Dave continued his talk of pride. He wears his American Legion belt buckle everywhere. He shows his pride, and he is encouraging every American Legion member to show theirs. Display you Legion Pride. We have stood tall for 85 years and those who are on active duty and are serving today will need our help in ensuring their benefits are still there when they need them.

The new GI Bill was signed, almost restoring educational benefits to where they were after WWII. When this new GI Bill takes effect, soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines will no longer have to pay $100 a month to receive educational benefits. The benefits are now going to be transferable! A big benefit that was not available in days past..

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