Monday, January 26, 2009

Important Issues to Veterans

Dear Senator,

My name is Bob Ouellette and I am your legislative representative for the American Legion in Maryland. I currently serve as Commander of the Montgomery County American Legion and of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial American Legion Post 295 in Gaithersburg/Germantown.

As a veteran and a member of the world's largest veterans organization I hope to let you know how we veterans feel about important legislation.

There are three bills that are of interest to our organization and our community, they are SB102 Gaming-Slot, SB112 Income Tax Subtraction and SB113 Sales and Use Tax-Exemption.

While SB102 Gaming -Slot Machines will probably never come to Montgomery County, please support this legislation. The American Legion has donated hundreds of throusands of dollars to groups from funds donated from slot machines on the eastern shore. Without these slots many programs will go unfunded. Of course, if we had them in Montgomery County we could use the proceeds to better serve the community.

SB112 Income Tax Subtraction is to Removie the $5,000 limitation on the amount of specified military retirement income that may be subtracted from federal adjusted gross income for Maryland income tax purposes; applying the Act to taxable years beginning after December 31, 2008; etc. As a US Army retiree that only receives little over $1000 a month this will greatly help me and many more retirees to survive during these tough times. Please don't make up a budget shortfall on the back of retirees who have served our country.

SB113 Sales and Use Tax-Exemption allows our organization to save precious dollars in purchasing items that we use to serve the community through our programs.

Thank you for your time. I hope to meet with you soon.

Respectfully, For the Veteran!

Bob Ouellette

The American Legion
~ Commander, Vietnam Veterans Memorial Post 295
~ Commander, Montgomery County Council

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