Friday, January 9, 2009

Post 295 Legionnaires Racing to Raise $ for Fisher House

Post 295 Legionnaires Steve and John Levow are literally racing to raise money for the Fisher Houses at Walter Reed and Bethesda. Steve and John are Patriot Racing. They road race motorcycles with Championship Cup Series and the American Sportbike Racing Association in Mid-Atlantic regional races.

Patriot Racing has partnered with the Fisher House in an effort to generate charitable donations through our racing. The Fisher House provides no-cost housing for military families which enables them to stay with their loved-ones; helping them through treatment and recovery from serious illness or injury.

Our primary goal is to generate $10,000 for the Fisher House.

Please follow this link to learn more about the Fisher House and how you can make your tax-deductable contribution to their worthwhile efforts. Patriot Racing is the program through which your donation will be submitted.

Donate to the Fisher House
All donations go directly to the Fisher House.

They feel that "Supporting Our Troops" has to go beyond the yellow ribbon magnets and that in times of war we have no greater duty than to honor our veterans and their families. Those who have come to need the services of the Fisher House have already made tremendous sacrifices. Make a donation to the Fisher House today.

For 2009, we will be hosting 25 wounded veterans at the races on the Sunday races held at Summit Point. We are stoked to be able to have an impact on these guys and hopefully have a positive role in their recovery. Join us in the paddock on May 24, July 5 and August 30 to honor the sacrifices of our wounded warriors.

This is certainly a worthy cause and goes hand in hand with Post 295's Operation Provide Comfort and The American Legion's Operation Comfort Warrior.

You can also send you donations through American Legion Post 295. All monies donated will be sent to the Fisher House to support Patriot Racings efforts. By sending through the Post we will be able to track how much money has been donated.

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