Monday, May 18, 2009

All she lost: My sister's battle with Lyme disease

You need to read John Biata's sorry on MSNBC All she lost: My sister's battle with Lyme disease: After a decade of unbearable side effects, she decided to end her life

Lyme disease is a killer. It appears that after decades of symptoms that I too have Lyme. I believe Lyme is treatable when caught early, as we had with my son. But I have too much damage to be reverse, the best I can hope for is undercontrol.

Lyme disease is commonly misdiagnosed by doctors as ALS, MS and many others. It is interesting that as soldiers, sailors, airman and Marines we trained in tick infested areas, yet we know little and there is no adequate test for lyme. The Veterans Administration now states that if you served in the Military and develop ALS you will be service connected. But is it really ALS or is it Lyme?

See a Lyme Literate Doctor!! If you have symptoms and you are not getting anywhere consider changing your Doctor. Your life may depend on it.

Please visit the California Lyme Disease Association, the have alot of good information at and write your Congressman and tell him or her that we need more research on Lyme Disease.

Each year there are 250,000 new cases of Lyme! You do not need to have sex to catch it, you just need to sit in your home, yard or take a walk through some grass to be exposed.

Thanks for listening.

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