Monday, May 4, 2009

American Legion members come to the rescue

As Legionnaires, we pledge ourselved to mutual helpfulness. This blog is dedicated to that pledge. I am writing to ask for assistance. We have little time to organize a ride or other benefit, we need your help. I am sure that many of you know of veterans who are in hard times.

Before there was H2H, Post 295 had Operation Provide Comfort, since 2003 we have helped many wounded warriors and veterans in need. With our funds low, we cannot provide assitance to a couple in need. They have both served honorably, he is still National Guard, and they have a 2 year old girl. For the 2nd time in 8 months thier transmission needs to be repaired. The shop Glen Burnie Transmission has already done the work and is charging $3500 for the job. It seems overpriced to me, but they had just put a "new" one less than 8 months ago. All that we can be done is to pay it now and sue latter.

National's Temporary Financial Assistance Program cannot pay for vehicle repairs, so I am asking anyone who is able to to make a charitable donation to American Legion Post 295's Operation Provide Comfort to get them back on the road. Because you know, No Car, No Work, No Pay = on the street. Visit and Donate $5, $10, etc..

So far we have been able to raise $1000 toward the $3500 bill. Any contributions are appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

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